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First Post.... - fasting, purging, and everything in-between [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
fasting, purging, and everything in-between

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First Post.... [Aug. 18th, 2010|06:31 pm]
fasting, purging, and everything in-between


I had ana in high school and then I don't know what happened in college. I started my ana again this month and have high hopes.

1) High Weight: 178
2) Low Weight: 110
3) Now Weight: 167
4) !st Goal Weight: 150
5) 2nd Goal Weight: 130
6) 3rd Goal Weight: 115 (By New Years)
7) then hopefully 110 again

I want to post my stats every week to encourage myself and to see them in comparison to other stats... because if you can do it so can I! I really want my first goal by the end of the month because that would be a good birthday present, but I think it may happen early to mid September instead. I have been a member of this community for a while, I just didn't have the courage (or time) to post. I am actually posting at work right now. I have lost over 10 lbs thus far this month and I think if I try hard I could take another 10 off. I have been living off small breakfast and salad for lunch and no dinner if I can skip it without people noticing (Like Tonight!). I always make sure that I never get past 900 calories in one day and to exercise at least 30 minutes each morning. I hate exercising but, it helps hide the ana from my boyfriend.  I want to be down to 130 by Halloween, if not less than that. I feel disgusting now and have a ton of clothes that don't fit. I really don't want to buy new clothes haha. I even bought a small lunch box so that I can't fit more than what I should be eating.

Good luck to all of you & Wish me luck too!