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water fasting <333 - fasting, purging, and everything in-between [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
fasting, purging, and everything in-between

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water fasting <333 [Dec. 30th, 2010|12:35 am]
fasting, purging, and everything in-between
Wow...... i am soooo pathethic. I read some of my entries from a while back.. and im like.... "i stiiill havent lost all this weight?" all this garbage? all this life ruining fat..? REALLY???? am i fucking serious?

I knew I needed livejournal. I KNEW i needed you guys for me to do this. I quit for a while.. I havent been on for 6 months... i ditched. I got scared, and just ditched.

I lost some weight the kind of healthy way.. but guess what.. my ED came right back in and now im still at a high weight. Ew its grose.

I hate it.

I want my skinny face back.. my skinny legs.. my skinny gorgeous shoulders... my flat tummy... I want it. More than anything.

I have the biggest inspiration right now.. a boy.... a boy I met that lives on the other coast of me.. ahaha but.... i feel like I just like him SO much. and I want to be perfect for him... perfect. I want him to look at me and be absolutely amazed. He webcams for me... and he is SOOO ADORABLE!!! omgggg... omg SOOOOO CUTE!!!! im in loooove lol ;) but.... i STILL havent webcammed for him...... i used SO many excuses... but i cant just say IM FAT. im trying to lose weight.. ummm just wait a few weeks. I cannot say that.

Im tired of using excuses, and not letting him see me, only pictures. I WANT TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL ALL THE TIME.
for him.... for us. <3

I'm more inspired than others.. and i reallyyy want to do it with you girls :) i missed you so much...

I'm fasting until I lose 20 pounds. My goal is to be 20 pounds lighter before I can let him see me.... that will only take about 10 days fasting if i do this right :)


Whos with meee??? I will be updating every single day for you girls :) I'l weigh in tomorrow, and tell you how everything is going. ahhh IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! :DD

Imma do this.. 20 pounds YOU WILL BE GONE!!!!!

[User Picture]From: tk100
2011-10-07 08:17 pm (UTC)
how do u do fasting? not eating anything? and really if you guys are ment to be hell except u for u! :) but i understand the need to want to look stunning for the guy you like :)
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From: natashacakes
2011-10-10 10:21 pm (UTC)
Yeah, i dont eat anything when I fast. Bt ive been trying to recover. how are you?
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[User Picture]From: tk100
2011-10-23 07:43 am (UTC)
yea but ive heard thats really not heathly how do u subside the hunger and not eat or feel sick? and im good u?
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From: natashacakes
2011-10-23 05:39 pm (UTC)
Well... ive realized through all these years that fasting dosent do much good. It causes masive binges. So ive stuck to lowcal. Im doing lowcal:) and im doing better today! 6 weeks til i see my bf!! YEAHH :D
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